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Parliamentary committee to look into ‘Brand Britain’

The Environment, Food and rural Affairs (Efra) Committee is launching an inquiry into the effectiveness of the Government’s Brand Britain: Promoting and Marketing British food and drink.

The inquiry will focus on the current success of the Food is GREAT campaign, how the UK Government is working with industry partners to help build global recognition of UK excellence in food and drink, as well as identifying and opening new markets to UK products.

The Food is GREAT initiative, led by Defra, is a global campaign to promote and market British food and drink around the world, while the Great British Food Unit was established in 2016 as part of the five-year Great British food campaign.

As the committee highlights, the EU is the UK’s “single largest trading partner in agri-food products, accounting for 60% of exports”, adding that post-Brexit, the Government will need to maintain and build trade relationships with the EU.

Neil Parish MP, chair of the Efra Committee, commented: “Trade is vital to the UK’s economy. Our food and farming industry generates over £110 billion a year, and employs one in eight people in the UK.

“It is essential that the Government takes steps to build Britain’s global brand for food and drink, and works with industry to promote our food and drink excellence around the world.

“Our inquiry will assess the merits of the Food is GREAT campaign, and its success in promoting British products at home and abroad.”

The committee invites written submissions and requests observations on a number of issues that can be found here.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday, 8 June.