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Photo credit: DFphotography.co.uk
Photo credit: DFphotography.co.uk

UK Quality Food Awards Blogger of the Year Michelle Minnaar on the importance of professional food photography

Michelle Minnaar of Greedygourmet.com knows the value of professional food photography as her award-winning blog is crammed full of her gorgeous photos; here she argues that all food businesses – big and small – should invest in professional food photography…

We’ve all heard the saying that we eat with their eyes. It couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to professional food photography. If you are involved with the food industry in one way or another then keep reading. This blog post will help you understand why it is important to hire a professional to market your food products and services with beautiful pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words and they should be the right ones. Here is where the professional food photographer can step in and add great value to your product and brand. Gone are the days when taking simple photos of  food products were acceptable. Today, consumers are more demanding and sophisticated than ever before. You’ll need a professional to carefully plan the composition of the photo for optimum results.


DIY approach with food photography doesn’t work

The ‘do-it-yourself’ approach doesn’t work with food photography. This statement is also true about friends who are enthusiastic hobbyists. Sorry to say, this is nowhere near good enough if you want your product or brand to succeed in the long-term game. You need to invest in a professional photographer – the more experienced, the better. The photographer knows all the tricks of the trade on how to make a product shine and become more attractive to the consumer.


Avoid the filter disaster

Today, you tend to see a lot of food-related photos on Instagram and other social media. Many people don’t realise that most of the photos are unusable. Especially, where the food or the product is not the key subject matter of the photo. These are the typical photos with some filter, which have become the recent hipster millennial trend. Also, a badly taken photo will leave a bad impression on your customer.

Make sure you don’t make the same mistake by uploading filtered photos of your product. It’s a passing fashion craze, which means sooner rather than later you will have to update all your photos again. Let the photographer help you to keep it classic and in line with your branding policy, which means you’ll spend less on photography in the long run.


Why go pro?

Professional food photographers are knowledgeable about their equipment. Also, they have years of photography experience under their belt. They can give you advice on how to market your product successfully while getting the right message across to your target audience. They’ve been in their industry for a while now and know exactly which compositions work and which don’t.

You can also expect the photographer to come ready with all the necessary gear, although you might need a stylist too, who can assist with prop selection and the styling of the product. Small details can make such a large impact in terms of the visual aspect.

Return on investment

In essence, a good professional photographer is willing to meet your requirements, where possible. Plus, you’ll need this extra flexibility when an inspiring idea comes your way. Sometimes, we get inspiration in the heat of the moment or while the photo shoot is taking place. So, you’ll need a professional who can capture your idea visually. The collaborative nature of the photographer will always give you a fantastic photo in the end.

List of benefits

First, you’ll feel like royalty. Remember, the professional photographer is there to give you the best customer service possible and is there to make you happy. It’s also about making your product or brand shine. A good food photographer can make sure that the photos for your packaging or advertisement are stunningly mouthwatering. Also, not only will you get a memorable experience but also you’ll get great tips and guidance on your creative direction. With professional input, the chance of a success is even higher.

Higher client engagement and conversion rates are the main benefits. With lower quality imagery you’ll definitely never achieve the aforementioned.  Remember, you want your target audience to react positively and engage more with your product.

Finally, the photographer knows how to create the best possible exposure and composition in the photo. Especially, how to use the right lighting and in what context to photograph the dish. The food photographer can also edit the photos to high standards, making sure that all details are attended to.

Food photography at restaurants

The menu and online customer reviews with pictures of the food are of vital importance to a restaurant. It’s the first thing a potential customer will see.  There is a lot of competition out there in the food and restaurant industries. Equally, we all know that this market is a tough one. You need to stay ahead of the innovation curve and the online game. A lot of new restaurants are digitalising their menu with gorgeous, mouthwatering pictures.

Customer perception

With professional photos of your food and your product, you can expect your customer behaviour to change. First and foremost, your customers will have more confidence in your brand or product. Their purchasing behaviour will change and will happen more frequently. This is what professional food photography is all about. The objective is to lure in customers to buy your product by building an online presence with amazing photos.

For professional food photography, call for Michelle for a quote – 07812 430 598 or view her portfolio at: https://michelleminnaar.com